He’s a hockey-playing half-faerie burdened with an ancient legacy;
She’s a serious-minded science student cursed with elemental powers;
He’s a swashbuckling superhero torn from his true love on an alternate earth;
She’s a cheerleading chameleon-girl transformed against her will -

The Canadian government sent them to Chicago to keep them out of trouble; but trouble followed them – South of the Border.

This site is dedicated to the hit TV series, ‘Working South Of The Border’. I’ll update the site with episode summaries, character notes and any incidental materials that happen to fall into my hands.

Sometimes, a hero working for the government does something that means that their department would prefer that they were out of the public eye for a while—some sort of make-work assignment that the department has an obligation to fill. For Canadian heroes, there is no surer sign that your government career has abruptly stalled than being assigned to the Canadian Consulate in Chicago.

Escorting minor diplomats to and from the airport, visiting schools, and guarding the Consulate against the menace of American tourists is not a glamorous job, but someone is contractually obligated to do it. This is the story of those someones.

Working South Of The Border

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